How To Recover From Failure

As a follow-up from my last post, how do you recover from failing to lead your family in a biblical way? To be honest, I have not been intentional with my family. I fail in leading my family in Bible study. I do not lead in talking about God and what He has been doing in our family. This is something that I am definitely working on. I am sure you probably feel this way or have felt this way at one point or another in your life. Feel free to share your heart.

Although we fail at leading our families at times, God grants us grace and His grace is sufficient. But that does not give us, as husbands, slack. We must constantly strive to lead our families and I believe that God will honor and bless our efforts. Our wives are begging for godly leadership and stability from us. Our children are in dire need for us to teach, lead and love them. Husband, do you love your wife enough to lead her and love her as Christ loves the church? Father, do you care for your children in a way that lets them see your love for them?

If your family does not feel love and leadership from you, they will find it somewhere else. They will find it in someone else. This is why wives are leaving their husbands and children are growing up in rebellion. (Note: Wives, please do not give up on your husbands! Pray for them! Show them your love and support!) It is time for us to stop being boys and begin living as mature and godly husbands and fathers. Begin by grounding yourself in the Word of God and by confessing your failure to your family. They will greatly appreciate your honesty and will begin to see your leadership at this point. Are you willing to recover from your failure or are you complacent to remain defeated?

How are you leading your family? Please share.

I recently heard this amazing song by Sanctus Real, "Lead Me." This song really convicted me about how I lead my family.

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Michelle said...

Thank you for being transparent, Love, and thank you for striving towards godly, biblical leadership in our home! No one is perfect and God does not expect perfection from His sinful creatures. However, through Christ's blood we will one day be perfect when we stand before the Lord. Isn't that comforting? :-)

Kyle said...

Thank you so much for your support, babe! Yes, one day we will stand before the Lord in perfection. Until then, we are being sanctified! Praise the Lord!