It's Easy To Fail

I recently read this article by Justin Hyde, an Acts 29 pastor from Brenham, Texas. This is an article called "How I Pastor My Family" and it is DEFINITELY worth reading!

Men, I hope this article will challenge you to reevaluate your home and how you pastor your family. You may not be a pastor of a church, but as a follow of Christ, you are the leader (pastor) of your family.

Remember that failure will happen. Hyde reminds us that it is easy to fail and to fail often. He also says,

"Please know, I fail often. I need much grace. God has given me a forgiving wife and patient kids. Husbands/dads, this is the most important work you'll ever do, and it will have more impact than anything you could imagine. Wives/moms, encourage your man to lead; create conditions in which he can succeed. Couples, be patient and forgiving. Don't be short-sighted. Love well. And savor your time together."

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