It's a GIRL!

This past Tuesday, we had our first sonogram. Going into the appointment, we were really nervous and praying for a healthy baby. And praise the Lord, we will be having a healthy baby girl! Here's her first pictures:

It has been fun to hear everyone give their predictions, but I "knew" we were going to have a girl. Just kidding. Above all the predictions, God is the One who gives and does so graciously and abundantly! And we are extremely excited to see what all God has in store for our family! More so, we are excited to be the recipients of God's grace and favor.

When we saw all the images and movements of our baby girl, we couldn't help but cry. I cannot express the joy we are experiencing right now. We are having a baby girl!

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Mama in Georgia said...

I'm so excited...I can't believe that in the sonogram, I can actually see her toes. God is good. A real miracle. I love you both!!!or all 3

Michelle said...

I LOVE you and I LOVE our baby girl! Could not be more excited! I'm glad you put her pics up online. :-)

dad o said...


When God says that children are a treasure He knows what He is saying. Being a parent is the most exciting, rewarding, challenging and humbling experience in all of life. (She will teach you much more than you will teach her.)

To realize that God has entrusted His treasure to you to be one of His means to mold that life is truly awesome. It is a responsibility we cannot live up to on our own.

In II Cor 8 Paul says that the Corinthians gave "beyond their ability" and rest assured you will be called on to do just that in raising this little girl.

Paul not only reminded them of their responsibility but also where the ability would come from: "First they gave themselves to the Lord and (then) to us (baby) by the will of the Lord." 8:4 It will always start with and continually depend on your relationship with the Lord.

Remember, that "God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything you may have an abundance for every good deed (raising a godly daughter). 9:8 But it all starts with you giving yourself to Him.

Mom and I could not be more pleased or confident than we are with having you as the father of our new granddaughter. I know that you will always be the strong godly example, leader and protector she will need.

we love you
dad o